Rosemary & Thyme Season 3 (2008)

Stuart Blackton owns and operates a posh hotel and restaurant in a converted manor house on an expansive estate and is trying hard to impress influential restaurant critic Angus Fairley. The estate is bordered by a winery owned by Blackton's brother Ben, and although the restaurant is the vintner's best customer, no love is lost between the siblings. Blackton has been struggling to stay out of the red, but Angus' influence and a five star review will insure the hotel's success. Rosemary, an old friend of Fairley's, has been hired along with Laura to help weed the vineyard, and the desperate Blackton asks her to find out if the review will be favorable. Although Angus promises Laura that a glowing review is forthcoming, he never gets a chance to write it and is found dead in his room from an apparent heart attack... with a bottle of the local red wine beside him.