Revenge Season 3 (2013)

Months later, the Grayson hedge-fund fortune is still gone, so Conrad's governor salary seems insufficient to hang on to the Hamptons estate. Emily enjoys her engagement with Daniel, who refuses any job brokered by Conrad and, after Jack decides he no longer feels anything for the devious real Amanda whose revenge cost him everything, finally gets her to set a date: 8/8, symbolic for the intended final revenge. Nolan is free but also lost his firm, so she buys him a Hamptons house. Victoria however is happy now firstborn bastard son Patrick Osbourne has turned up and spent the summer with her, but Charlotte sort of chases him back to his freelance job. Emily organizes a grand Grayson party where Conrad's portrait is revealed, but he collapses due to an incurable, fatal genetic disease. Aiden plans a surprise revenge.