Grimm Season 5 (2015)

Mourning son Nick is surprised when Juliette turns up at his home, laughing away his doubts about killing his ex-lover, and picks a bitter fight, but they are overpowered by a team which knocks him out and abducts her and Trubel. Suspecting special agent Chavez, whom he remembers being part of a special feral group, Nick goes accuse her at the FBI HQ, only to be thrown out and suspended by Renard. Nick won't even listen to Monroe and confronts Chavez at her home, resulting in a confession and a nightly meeting, only to find her feral cahoots are slain and the killers now get her. meanwhile Adalind has gone into labor, is brought to hospital by Rosalee, who convinces Nick to attend the birth and accept raising their unique son.