Borderline Season 1 (2016)

In a spoof documentary we meet the border security staff at a small airport, led by Chief Proctor, who explains that she wanted to be a ballerina until she was told she was obese. Baggage handler Mo Khan is resentful, having been turned down for 'The Apprentice' and accuses Proctor of being Islamophobic when she tries to enforce a Home office directive, looking for 'anything out of the ordinary'. Egyptian Tariq is annoyed at being expected to translate for an Arab who speaks no English so the man is let through without a proper examination but Tariq acquits himself by arresting drug smuggler DJ Stefano Rocco. Ultimately the team's failure is exonerated when the directive is withdrawn.

Runtime: 30 min

Quality: SD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.8/10